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An article describing how to get to Butchart Gardens from Vancouver.

How to Get to Butchart Gardens from Vancouver: A Botanical Escape

Are you wondering how to get to Butchart Gardens from Vancouver?

Whether you’ve already pencilled in a few days in Victoria or are simply interested in a day trip, getting there is easier than you might think.

So, join us as we unveil the most serene route from Vancouver’s concrete jungle to this lush botanical wonder.

  1. How to Get to Butchart Gardens from Vancouver by Car
  2. Vancouver to Butchart Gardens by Bus
  3. How to Get to Butchart Gardens via Public Transit
  4. Butchart Gardens Tours from Vancouver
  5. FAQs
a map illustrating how to get to Butchart Gardens from Vancouver.

How to Get from Vancouver to Butchart Gardens

Are you craving an escape from the hustle and bustle of Vancouver? Imagine a place where vibrant colours dance under the sun, and the air is perfumed with the scent of thousands of flowers.

That place is Butchart Gardens, and it’s closer than you think. In fact, this lush wonderland is located just a shade over 100 km (43 miles) from Vancouver’s city centre.

The problem? The pesky Salish Sea stands in the way to make things a little tricky. All in all, the trip will likely take you 3-5 hours, depending on your transportation method.

But no need to worry. We’ll embark on this journey together, discovering the simplest, most enjoyable ways to transition from the urban landscape of Vancouver to the floral paradise of Victoria.

Ready to breathe in the beauty?

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How to Get to Butchart Gardens from Vancouver by Car

Duration (One Way): 3 hours | Departure Point: Custom | Cost: ~$150.00 pp

Whether you’re a local with your own wheels or a tourist interested in a Vancouver car rental, there is no denying that driving is the quickest way to get to Butchart Gardens. What’s more, you’ll have the flexibility to hit up other stops on your Victoria itinerary without difficulty.

Here are the steps involved:

  1. Consider hiring a vehicle if you’re without one. When you add up the rental and fuel expenses, anticipate spending over $100.00 for a return journey.
  2. Embark on the journey to Tsawwassen Terminal, which should take about 45 minutes from Vancouver.
  3. The voyage to Butchart Gardens begins with a ferry ride from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay. The current prices set by BC Ferries are $63.85 for each vehicle and $18.50 for every adult. This adds up to a total cost of $201.72 for a roundtrip for two adults.
  4. Next, you’ll need to drive from Swartz Bay to Butchart Gardens, a trip that lasts approximately 30 minutes. Entry fees to the Gardens during peak season are priced at $41.50 per individual.
  5. After your visit, you’ll return to Swartz Bay to catch your ferry back to Vancouver.

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a group waits to board the victoria to vancouver airport bus

Vancouver to Butchart Gardens by Bus

Duration (One Way): 4.5 hours | Departure Point: Pacific Central Station | Cost: ~$269.00 pp

The Vancouver to Victoria bus is the most common method of transport across the Salish Sea for travellers without a vehicle. For most, the Vancouver to Victoria seaplane is too expensive, and public transit is too complicated.

Having said that, the bus doesn’t stop at Butchart Gardens (it’ll drop you downtown). So additional transit (and time) will be involved, mitigating many of the cost benefits. But don’t write it off quite yet.

The bus is a great option if you’re already heading to Victoria for a couple of days. The time involved is simply not conducent to a day trip.

Follow these steps to get to Butchart Gardens from Vancouver by bus:

  1. Grab a round-trip ticket on the bus from Vancouver to Victoria. The current price is $98.00 for each leg of the journey, for a round-trip total of $200. Conveniently, your ticket includes the ferry crossing.
  2. Head to Pacific Central Station to catch your bus (YVR & hotel pickup are also available). This service will transport you to the ferry that heads towards Victoria and Butchart Gardens. Just note that it’s not a direct route.
  3. Upon arrival, you’ll be dropped at Capital City Station, situated in the heart of Victoria.
  4. Grab a ticket for the Victoria Butchart Gardens Express Shuttle for $50 (pre-booking recommended). The ticket does not include entry to the gardens, which is an additional $41.00 for adults in high season.
  5. Finally, return to Capital City Station to catch your bus back to Vancouver, retracing your steps back home.

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A car on the Skytrain's Canada Line, a valuable tool for those wondering how to get to Butchart Gardens from Vancouver.

Butchart Gardens from Vancouver via Public Transit

Duration (One Way): 4.5 – 5 hours | Departure Point: Numerous | Cost: ~$50.00-$60.00 pp

At just over $50, public transit is far and away the cheapest way to get from Vancouver to Butchart Gardens.

Just be aware that you’ll be forced to navigate the transport system of two cities, so many visitors may find it intimidating. It is also important to note that your ferry fare is not included.

Here is the breakdown:

  1. SkyTrain: Board the Canada Line at any station in downtown Vancouver and disembark at Bridgeport Station. The Skytrain and bus should cost approximately $7.75. You can tap a credit or debit card once you’re aboard.
  2. Bus to Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal: From Bridgeport Station, catch bus #620 Tsawwassen Ferry from Bay 12 on your right-hand side coming down the escalator. It will take you straight to the terminal (the final stop).
  3. Ferry to Vancouver Island: The ferry ride to Swartz Bay costs $18.75 per adult for a single journey. Relish the beautiful 1.5-hour sail across the Salish Sea.
  4. Option A – (Bus from Swartz Bay to Victoria): Once you land, get on either bus #70 Downtown Express (via Hwy 17) or #72 Downtown via Saanichton, heading to downtown Victoria from outside Swartz Bay Terminal. This part of the trip will cost another $2.50.
  5. Victoria to Butchart Gardens: Depart from Legislature Terminal on bus #75 Saanichton, which goes directly to Butchart Gardens. Expect to pay $2.50 for the bus fare, with the ride lasting about 45 minutes.
  6. Option B – (Bus from Swartz Bay to Butchart Gardens): Board the #72 Downtown via Saanichton. Get off at the Saanichton Exchange and switch to the #75 Downtown. Stay aboard for 21 stops and you’ll be dropped right at Butchart Gardens.
  7. Return to Vancouver: Follow these steps in reverse order. Make sure to verify the schedules for the last bus and ferry to ensure a smooth return trip.

For more information, check out our guide on how to get to Butchart Gardens from Victoria.

An article on how to get to Butchart Gardens from Victoria.

Vancouver to Butchart Gardens Tours

Wondering how to get to Butchart Gardens from Vancouver in the quickest, most efficient way possible?

Why not opt for a packaged tour from Vancouver to Butchart Gardens? These packages offer a plethora of benefits over navigating the journey independently. One of the most significant advantages is the inclusion of transportation, whether you’re soaring over the scenic vistas by seaplane or cruising through the Salish Sea by ferry.

This convenience eliminates the hassle of coordinating multiple modes of transport and dealing with the unpredictability of schedules and availability. In most cases, you’ll also receive convenient hotel pick-up.

Moreover, guided tours provide both day trip and overnight options, catering to a variety of schedules and preferences. So whether you’re looking for a quick escape or a leisurely exploration of Victoria with the luxury of time, there’s a package designed to meet your needs.

If you’re looking for more information, be sure to check out our guide on Butchart Gardens Tours from Vancouver.

How to Get to Butchart Gardens from Vancouver FAQs

Travelling from Vancouver to Butchart Gardens can be achieved through various modes of transport, including car, private coach, public transit, and packaged tours.

Each option offers a different experience, from the flexibility of driving yourself to the convenience and added insights of a guided tour. You’ll also find a difference in travel time, flexibility, and cost.

To reach Butchart Gardens by car from Vancouver, you’ll first need to drive to the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, which is about a 45-minute drive from downtown Vancouver. From there, take the BC Ferries service to Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island, a journey of about 1.5 hours.

Once you arrive at Swartz Bay, it’s a short 30-minute drive to Butchart Gardens. Remember to factor in the cost of ferry tickets for both your vehicle ($63.85) and passengers ($18.50 per adult).

To get to Butchart Gardens from Vancouver, start with the SkyTrain’s Canada Line from Vancouver to Bridgeport Station, then transfer to the 620 bus to Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal.

After the ferry ride to Swartz Bay, you can take either bus 70 or 72 to downtown Victoria, followed by bus 75 directly to Butchart Gardens. This option is the most budget-friendly, though it requires several transfers and a bit more time.

Yes, you can get to Butchart Gardens using the Vancouver to Victoria bus. However, the route won’t take you there directly. Upon arrival in downtown Victoria, you’ll need to purchase a ticket aboard the Butchart Gardens Direct Shuttle from Belleville Street near the Empress Hotel. Alternatively, you can opt to take the #75 bus from along Douglas Street.

Yes, packaged tours to Butchart Gardens from Vancouver are a popular choice for those looking for a hassle-free experience. These tours often include round-trip transportation by ferry or seaplane, admission to the gardens, and sometimes even a guided tour of the gardens themselves.

Day trip and overnight options are available, catering to different schedules and interests.

Still wondering how to get to Butchart Gardens from Vancouver?

As our guide comes to a close, remember that the journey from Vancouver to Butchart Gardens is more than a trip—it’s a gateway to experiencing the profound beauty and peace that nature holds.

Did you choose to rent a car, hop aboard the bus, or take public transit? Maybe you opted for a packaged tour.

Either way, you’re now ready to embark on an adventure into the heart of nature’s splendour. I hope this article on how to get to Butchart Gardens from Vancouver has been a help.

Enjoy the gardens 🙂

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